My Apology

My son Joseph (Fresh) Stiaes, Sr.

Please except my apology for being so inconsistent with posting.  My goal was to provide information about myself and the business.   

However, in 2020, I lost my son to a massive heart attack.  He was born into heaven at 33 years old.  Joseph was a loving son, brother, husband and awesome father.  We learned of his heart condition in June of 2019.  God gave him time to grow into the spiritual man he had become before going home.  Fortunately, we were given an opportunity to receive a plethora of pictures and memories to help us in this time of need.  My baby was a master barber, tattoo artist and graffiti artist.  Joseph was a great supporter of Sip Of Faith.  He used the full body oil and hair serum on his clients for their skin and hair lost and the full body butter on those receiving tattoos.  He professed it aided the healing process.  He developed SOF's logo, unfortunately I haven't been able to use it because it has to be converted into digital.  My son also created this painting for Sip Of Faith which will be on various product labeling.

It is taking some time to grow into accepting this major change in all of our lives. 

My Savior has comforted me all while giving me strength and understanding through this process and I praise He everyday. Not only for the help He has provided my family in this trying time but also for the life our Savior Jesus the Christ who willingly gave up His life for our salvation.  There is no greater love and I encourage everyone to try Him. He will see you through the hard times and trials. 

If you're not sure if you deserve to be redeemed.  I need you to think if you ever said, "I wanted to get closer to God but He would never accept someone like me." I'm hear to tell you, you're just who Jesus came to save. Find yourself a quite corner, room, closet or anywhere you can pray alone. Kneel down and humble yourself and have a conversation with the Father.  Let Jesus know how you feel and the help you need getting to him.  He will be right there! Now the key is to pray with your whole heart.  If you can do that you will gradually see changes as you develop your relationship with God.  We serve an awesome God who loves us unconditionally. Even while the world persecutes us Jesus loves us.

Heavenly Father, the author and finisher of everything, we come in pray asking for deliverance of all who read this.  Jesus Christ freely gave his life to save ours and we want to honor Him by accepting Jesus in our hearts and back into our lives. We give you all honor, praise and glory for all the glorious works that will be preformed in Your name through your servants.  Please guide our footsteps as we start this new journey together all for Your glory.  In the mighty name of Jesus. Amen

Be blessed always,


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