Forevr Fre$h


Forevr Fre$h is an organic skincare line which uses a unique blend of oils, herbs, and shea butter.  All products are 100% organic.  The oils, herbs and shea butter are blended in various ways to create outstanding natural healing products.  Our goal is to give everyone an opportunity to have healthy glowing skin and hair.  


Currently, we are presenting 3 items to this line. 

  1. Tattoo Aftercare - designed to heal the skin after receiving a tattoo and keep the vibrant color after healed.  This product works on other areas as well.  
  2. Beard & Body Oil - is prefect for preparing your face to be shaved and/or wonderful after the shave is complete. Also, this can be applied from head to toe.  It works wonder for your skin.
  3. Finally, we have our Hair Serum, which is designed to deliver a high level of moisture to your hair and assist in its growth.

All of our products are designed with more than one use, and we have only named a few above but I’m sure you will find more ways once you start using them. Each item is designed with you in mind.  We want you to feel soft, supple, and healthy all day every day. 


Certified Natural, Organic, and /or Kosher
Disclaimer: While all products sold on SOF are 100% organic, it is still recommended that anyone with allergies to various carrier oils or herbs please consult with a qualified healthcare practitioner before using these products.