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"Faithfully Touched" cream is heavenly created.  My mother developed a bed sore and it wasn't healing with the cream I was instructed to buy for bed sores, it went from small to large.  I remembered that my coworker had given me a sample of his wife's cream and decided to try it.  When I applied the cream for the first time I prayed over it for healing, because I knew it was created by a woman of God using the principles of God.  After a week, I immediately noticed a difference, so I continued using the cream and it healed my mothers bed sore completely. I thank God for what He has given Donna and I will always use her products, because they Work.   

Delzorah B.

"Herbal Tea Soufflé is a product I would highly recommend to anyone who suffers with breathing issues. In addition, it allows me to feel energized and alert without consuming a bunch of medications. I have been drinking the tea for a year and a half without any problems."

V. Ford

I love Sip Of Faith Shea Body Butter. It's a wonderful product all natural. If you have eczema, psoriasis or any type of dermatitis it's a product you can use with confidence. Itchy, redness and breakout turn into soft, healed skin. I highly recommend this product for all skin irritations. I really love the body butters and oils and all natural makes it my #1 go to product for two years. Thank you Sip Of Faith.

Felicia B.

 “Being a chef I've encountered cuts and burns in the kitchen.  I was amazed at how fast this cream not only relieved the pain but also heal my skin where you can barely see any scaring. I highly recommended this cream.”

Carl C.