Getting to know us better

In the coming weeks, we will showcase our products and give you a better understanding of why, how and what drives us to continue to create herbal products and the benefits we believe you will receive.  The first item showcased is Souffle Herbal Tea.  This tea is where we started so it is only fair for it to be the first product showcased. We will look at some of the ingredients, uses, benefits and reason for its creation.  Also, we will look at how to prepare all our teas and what are the best sweeteners to use and why.  In addition to the teas, we will dive into the other products currently offered and their benefits and uses.  However, before we get into that we will look at the founder, why and what guided her to create Sip Of Faith.  We will also explore what the catalyst was to propel her into making these products.  Moreover, we look forward to you taking this journey with us as we explore future creations.

As with any herbal supplement it is important to consult a physician if you are currently taking prescribed medication.   

We are excited about this new undertaking and hope to see you soon.

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